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YOGADA - ISO certified manufacturer of high quality microphones and headphones.

Based in Taiwan, YOGADA Tech Corp. Ltd. is a microphone and headphone OEM / ODM manufacturer. Main products, including microphones for stage and instrument, headphones for DJ, wireless headphones and accessories.

More than 35 years of OEM / ODM experiences for private labels. With manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Dongguan, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited, knowledgeable expertise of microphones and headphones, covering various categories of high-end, commercial, and for professional.

YOGADA has been offering customers high-quality microphones and headphones since 2017, both with advanced technology and seasoned years of experience, YOGADA ensures each customer's demands are met.

Research & Development

Anechoic Room Tests.
Anechoic Room Tests.

In pursuit of higher quality products, our engineering team never stops trying new materials and adopting various and workable solutions in the early stage of design, and through equipment like B & k audio analyzer, CLIO IEA Electro-Acoustic system, and facility of anechoic chamber room, to promise a consistent acoustic performance for future productions.

With a knowledgeable development team and skillful manufacturing facility, we offer competitive and quality products to customers.

Development Process
  • Market Research.
  • Products Proposal.
  • Concepts Designs.
  • Circuit Designs.
  • Mechanical Files.
  • Prototyping to Verify.
  • Open Tools.
  • Pilot Run.
  • Mass Production.
  • Certifications.