YOGADA - ISO certified manufacturer of high quality microphones and headphones.

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YOGADA - ISO certified manufacturer of high quality microphones and headphones.

Based in Taiwan, YOGADA Tech Corp. Ltd. is a microphone and headphone OEM / ODM manufacturer. Main products, including microphones for stage and instrument, headphones for DJ, wireless headphones and accessories.

YOGADA Tech Corp. Ltd. with a tradition of talent engineering team, including ME, EE, offers expertise in OEM / ODM business to customers. Through a well learned and highly skilled manufacturing capability, providing quality products is always the goal we are aiming for.

YOGADA has been offering customers high-quality microphones and headphones since 2017, both with advanced technology and seasoned years of experience, YOGADA ensures each customer's demands are met.

YOGADA Tech Corp. Ltd.|Microphones and Headphones Manufacturer

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  • Microphones

    Yogada makes excellent microphones and uses acoustic expertise to emulate performance. By offering a highly customized, durable and versatile microphones, Yogada mics meet various kind of requirements to promote to different markets. Reproducing the sound is our continuous goal to achieve. You will be impressed by our products once you hear through those microphones.

  • Gooseneck Microphones
    Gooseneck Microphones

    Our gooseneck microphones offer optimum solutions through a wide range of sound applications such as PA & conference system, lectern, intercom installments and so on. These gooseneck microphones are equipped with condenser or dynamic type of microphone, they are all built with rugged and flexible gooseneck. In order to meet highly requested customizations, you can check our selection of gooseneck microphones below, we can ensure clear sound and superior performance, while at the same time, with competitive cost.

  • Stage and Instrument Microphones
    Stage and Instrument Microphones

    Coming out with rugged and reliable designs to meet the needs of stage performances, Yogada has a wide variety of microphones, dynamic and condenser types in the selections. For vocals and instruments, focusing on minimizing noise and enduring high sound pressure levels from sources. Also to pick up precise sound quality, with very low gain-before-feedback interference.

  • USB Microphones
    USB Microphones

    Driver-free USB microphones are ready for plug-and-play, good for live streaming, chats or recordings, they can adapt to any computers, laptops. Multi-functions with features like real time monitoring, or with Mic Mute button, to fit various applications such as working from home, broadcasting, gaming, online teaching etc.

  • Tie-Clip Microphones
    Tie-Clip Microphones

    Condenser tie-clip (lavalier) microphones designed for educating, worship, interviewing or broadcasting. It provides low profile, easy handling and affordable cost to operate, while still with uncompromised sound quality. Including an USB power adapter to supply DC power to work the microphones for long hours. Different types of lavalier microphones can be partially customized.

  • CB Microphones
    CB Microphones

    On the road for trucks, at the base station or a public address system (PA system), intercoms, allowing CB microphones to be used in a variety of communication systems. Dynamic or condenser elements are used. Wiring schematic of connector pins can be adjusted per customers' spec. Yogada's CB radio microphone are tailored to durability and convenient capabilities. To be worked at base station, PA system or intercoms. Most of them are with dynamic types, condenser ones are also available. Wiring schematic of connector pins can be adjusted per customers' spec. Several CB microphones are available with special feature, you can check our selections below for more information.

  • DSLR Microphones
    DSLR Microphones

    Compact condenser microphones designed to capture audio easily with camcorders and DSLR cameras. Engineered to meet the needs of professionals broadcast and media productions., also good for personal applications. Our DSLR microphones deliver superior voice reproduction, please find below for more information.

  • Boundary Microphones
    Boundary Microphones

    With products designed to fit different applications in capturing sound source, the category of boundary microphones is widely utilized from con-calls to music recording. Small in size and low profile. All microphones are installed with condenser type of element inside rugged metal housing. We have different microphone designs to choose.

  • 5-Piece Pack Drum Microphone in Dynamic Type
    5-Piece Pack Drum Microphone in Dynamic Type

    The 5-piece economic level type of drum microphone kit is designed to capture acoustic performance for kick drum, snare, and tom. A good choice to be used in audio applications. The DX-5 drum microphones kit consists 3 models, one microphone (X-5) for kick drum, two microphones (X-1) for toms, two microphone (X-2) for snares. Packed in a carry-on bag (with shoulder strap), suitable for beginners, offering good performance in sound reproduction.

  • 7-Piece Drum Microphones Kit for Beginners
    7-Piece Drum Microphones Kit for Beginners

    These seven reliable drum microphones offer great value and focus on sound performance that will help performer achieve better sound in any audio scenario. Including a dynamic mic (X-5) for kick drum, two dynamic mics, (X-1 & X-2) for toms and snares and two condenser mics for cymbals (FX-510). Dynamic and condenser microphones selected in the combination to work with wide applications and meeting upgraded sound performance in quality demands. A foam padded carry-on bag to load these microphones.

  • Desktop Microphone Base to Accommodate Dynamic Microphones
    Desktop Microphone Base to Accommodate Dynamic Microphones

    The functional microphone base is to accommodate dynamic microphones. Two function buttons for using: PTT (push to talk) and Lock. And various input receptacles to match different applications. A series of bases to go with hand held microphones or gooseneck microphones (Dynamic type). Suitable for use at the service counters like department stores, airline check-in counters, radio station and PA system…etc. Weighted base with rubber pegs to keep from slipping and stay steady on tabletop.

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