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Professional Studio/ USB/ Handheld/ Instrument/ Boom microphones. | More than 35 years of OEM / ODM experiences for microphones and headphones.

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Microphones | Wireless Podium Mic Design & Manufacturing | YOGADA

Based in Taiwan since 2017, YOGADA Tech Corp. Ltd. has been a microphone and headphone OEM / ODM manufacturer. Our main microphone and headphone products include, Microphones, wireless gooseneck microphone system for podium and conference room, dynamic instrument microphones, condenser microphones, studio recording microphones, bluetooth headphones, wireless headphones, noise cancelling headphones, and microphone and headphone accessories, which also provide customized designs and manufacturing.

YOGADA is an ISO certified manufacturer of high quality microphones and headphones. To catch the market demand and requirements of items with features of environmental noise cancellation and voice enabling, we are in process of new concepts by outsourcing of DSP noise cancellation and voice capture & recognition solutions, to work out new applications accordingly.

YOGADA has been providing customers with high-performance microphones and headphones since 2017, and with both advanced technology and 40 years of experience, YOGADA ensures that each customer's needs are met.


Professional microphone OEM/ ODM design and manufacturing.

Professional Studio/ USB/ Handheld/ Instrument/ Boom microphones.
Professional Studio/ USB/ Handheld/ Instrument/ Boom microphones.

Yogada makes excellent microphones and uses acoustic expertise to emulate performance.
We produce microphones in OEM/ ODM for over 35 years.
User-friendly design and high quality allow us to maintain a long-term and trustworthy partnership with our customers.

By offering a highly customized, durable, and versatile microphone, Yogada mics meet various kinds of requirements to promote to different markets.
Reproducing the sound is our continuous goal to achieve.
You will be impressed by our products once you hear through those microphones.

  • Gooseneck Microphones - Gooseneck Microphones.
    Gooseneck Microphones

    Gooseneck mics feature condenser/dynamic types for PA, conference systems, lecterns, intercom setups, and more. Built with durable, flexible goosenecks, they adapt to diverse needs. Options include length, headshells, LEDs, and more.YOGADA is an OEM/ODM leader, delivering clear, exceptional gooseneck. Customizable lengths, connectors, and materials cater to your preferences. Taiwanese-made, our goosenecks excel in durability and flexibility, outperforming rivals.

  • Stage Instrument Microphones - Stage and Instrument Microphones.
    Stage Instrument Microphones
    Stage Microphones, Instrument Microphones, Live Microphones

    Rugged stage & instrument mics cater to performances, featuring dynamic/condenser options. Prioritizing vocals and instruments, they minimize noise, handle high pressure by voice, and ensure picking up the voice with precise sound quality.YOGADA excels in OEM/ODM for these mics, tailoring logos, connectors, cables, colors, and more to clients' needs.

  • USB Microphones - USB Microphones.
    USB Microphones
    USB Microphones

    Driver-free USB microphones are ready for plug-and-play, good for live streaming, chats, or recordings, and can adapt to any computer, or laptop. Multi-functions with features like real-time monitoring, or with a Mic Mute button, to fit various applications such as working from home, broadcasting, gaming, online teaching, etc.YOGADA, an OEM/ODM manufacturer, caters to varied client requirements for packaging, logos, color, and more. For further inquiries, please contact us.

  • Tie-Clip Microphones - Tie-Clip Microphones W / USB Power Adapter.
    Tie-Clip Microphones
    Lavalier Microphones, Lavalier, Tie-Clip, Hands-free Microphones

    Designed for education, worship, interviews, and broadcasting, the condenser tie-clip (lavalier) microphones offer a discreet profile, user-friendly handling, and cost-effectiveness – all without compromising sound quality. A USB power adapter is included for extended operating hours. Various lavalier microphone types offer partial customization options.YOGADA leverages vast OEM/ODM expertise to assist customers in creating and marketing their products globally. For specific customization requirements, kindly reach out to initiate further discussions.

  • CB Microphones - CB Microphone.
    CB Microphones
    Communication Microphones, CB

    Whether on the road for trucks, at base stations, or within public address systems (PA systems) and intercoms, CB microphones find their versatile utility. These microphones utilize dynamic or condenser elements for enhanced performance.Yogada's CB radio microphones prioritize durability and convenience, fitting seamlessly into base stations, PA systems, and intercom setups. While predominantly dynamic, condenser options are also available. Wiring schematic adjustments cater to individual specifications. Connector pin wiring schematics, cable lengths, and cartridges can be customized as per customer requirements.

  • DSLR Microphones - DSLR Microphones.
    DSLR Microphones
    Streaming Microphones, DSLR

    Designed for easy audio capture with camcorders and DSLR cameras, our compact condenser microphones cater to both professional broadcast and personal applications like Vlog shooting, streaming, video recording, etc. Achieve superior voice reproduction with our DSLR microphones, ideal for enhancing your media projects. Discover more below.YOGADA offers a wide product range and boasts an in-house engineering team to support customers' OEM/ODM projects.

  • Boundary Microphones - Boundary Microphones.
    Boundary Microphones
    Boundary Microphones, Conference Room Microphones

    Our boundary microphones cater to various sound capture needs, from conferences to music recording and system solutions. These compact, low-profile devices perform exceptionally. Encased in robust metal, each features a condenser element for top-tier performance.YOGADA supports customization with an engineering team. Tailor products to customer preferences, adjusting cable materials, lengths, connectors, color, packing design, and method.

  • Headworn-Microphones - Headworn Microphones.(Headset)
    Headworn, Hands-free Microphones

    Engineered for exceptional versatility and steadfast performance, our head-worn microphones excel across a spectrum of conditions. Primarily used for speech, worship, school, hawking, and recording, their wearable design assures comfort and a secure fit for hands-free operation in various scenarios.YOGADA provides an OEM/ODM business for head-worn microphone customization. Tailoring connector plugs (3.5mm/6.3mm, mono/stereo, mini XLR), cable lengths, and more are achievable, subject to reaching the minimum order quantity (MOQ).