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DJ/ Monitor/ HiFi/ Wireless/ Headphone and Headsets. | More than 35 years of OEM / ODM experiences for microphones and headphones.

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Headphones | Wireless Podium Mic Design & Manufacturing | YOGADA

Based in Taiwan since 2017, YOGADA Tech Corp. Ltd. has been a microphone and headphone OEM / ODM manufacturer. Our main microphone and headphone products include, Headphones, wireless gooseneck microphone system for podium and conference room, dynamic instrument microphones, condenser microphones, studio recording microphones, bluetooth headphones, wireless headphones, noise cancelling headphones, and microphone and headphone accessories, which also provide customized designs and manufacturing.

YOGADA is an ISO certified manufacturer of high quality microphones and headphones. To catch the market demand and requirements of items with features of environmental noise cancellation and voice enabling, we are in process of new concepts by outsourcing of DSP noise cancellation and voice capture & recognition solutions, to work out new applications accordingly.

YOGADA has been providing customers with high-performance microphones and headphones since 2017, and with both advanced technology and 40 years of experience, YOGADA ensures that each customer's needs are met.


Professional headphones OEM/ODM design and manufacturing.

DJ/ Monitor/ HiFi/ Wireless/ Headphone and Headsets.
DJ/ Monitor/ HiFi/ Wireless/ Headphone and Headsets.

With more than 20 years of ODM/ OEM experience manufacturing various types of headphones for several major brands,
Yogada has the ability to adjust and tune drivers' performance to meet customers' acoustic demands.
We also have our own engineering team to support clients' needs by doing customized items.

Long time wearing comfort and fidelity sound have always been our basic insistence.
Our dedication is to custom headphones in providing superior solutions with good service and good quality.

  • Wireless Headphones - Wireless Headphones JBT-101.
    Wireless Headphones
    Hands-free Headphones

    In response to demand and trends, we've added wireless headphones to our lineup, emphasizing superb sound and extended comfort. They're foldable for easy travel and feature upgraded wireless tech for 5-6 hours of usage.With vast OEM/ODM experience, YOGADA offers an in-house engineering team for customizations. From packing to materials, drivers, and logos, we cater to diverse needs.

  • DJ Headphones - DJ Headphones Design.
    DJ Headphones
    Studio Headphones, Foldable Headphones

    Enhanced low-frequency performance ensures a rhythmic music experience with our DJ headphones. Adjustable headbands and yokes offer comfort during extended wear. Earcup's passive attenuation blocks unwanted noise. Detachable cables enable convenient storage and transport.YOGADA excels in ODM/OEM projects, more personalized headphones items like packing, design, logo, color, driver, and earpad choices. For more, please contact us without hesitate.

  • Hi-Fi / Monitor Headphones - YOGADA HI-FI Headphones.
    Hi-Fi / Monitor Headphones
    Hi-Fi Headphones, Monitor Headphones,

    Hi-Fi headphones boast large, specially designed 40mm to 50mm drivers, delivering superb audio reproduction to satisfy discerning acoustic needs. Comfortable earcup design covers ears and minimizes external noise.YOGADA excels in ODM/OEM, offering personalized options in packing, design, logo, color, driver, and earpads. For details, contact us without hesitation.

  • Headsets - Communication Headsets JCD-368.
    Hands-free Headphones

    The headset's design prioritizes a lightweight headband for extended comfort during prolonged use. The adjustable microphone can be tucked away, converting it into a regular headphone. Commonly used in customer service centers, audio-visual classrooms, and communication settings.YOGADA offers cost-effective, high-quality products that can be customized in cable length, connector types, cartridge options, and packing design.