Professional headphones OEM/ODM design and manufacturing. / More than 35 years of OEM / ODM experiences for microphones and headphones.

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Headphones Manufacturing | Microphones and Headphones Manufacturer | YOGADA Tech Corp. Ltd.

Based in Taiwan, YOGADA Tech Corp. Ltd. is a Headphones OEM / ODM manufacturer. Main products, including , microphones for stage and instrument, headphones for DJ, wireless headphones and accessories.

More than 35 years of OEM / ODM experiences for private labels. With manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Dongguan, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited, knowledgeable expertise of microphones and headphones, covering various categories of high-end, commercial, and for professional.

YOGADA has been offering customers high-quality Microphones and Headphones since 2017, both with advanced technology and seasoned years of experience, YOGADA ensures each customer's demands are met.

DJ/ Monitor/ HiFi/ Wireless/ Headphone and Headsets.|Microphones and Headphones Manufacturer


Professional headphones OEM/ODM design and manufacturing.

DJ/ Monitor/ HiFi/ Wireless/ Headphone and Headsets.
DJ/ Monitor/ HiFi/ Wireless/ Headphone and Headsets.

With more than 20 years ODM/ OEM experiences manufacturing various types of headphones for several major brands, Yogada Tech has the ability to adjust and tune drivers' performance to meet customers' acoustic demands.

Long time wearing comfort and fidelity sound have always been our basic insistence. Our dedication is to custom headphones in providing superior solutions with good service and good quality.

  • Wireless Headphones - Wireless Headphones JBT-101.
    Wireless Headphones

    As of popular trend and in a continuous demand, category of the wireless headphones becomes one of important product lines, Yogada designs the wireless headphones per core knowledge, to reproduce high acoustic performance and to make it comfortable wearing in long time. Also, foldable structure for easy carry and storage.With updated wireless circuitry, it can be used for a period of 5 ~ 6 hours without interruption.

  • DJ Headphones - DJ Headphones Design.
    DJ Headphones

    Enhanced low frequency performance, bringing our DJ headphones to a solid rhythm of music when in use. The headband and yokes are adjustable for wearing comfort over long periods. Passive attenuation from earcups can keep away unwanted noise from outside. And the DJ headphones are with detachable cable, to be stored easily and transport everywhere. For products details, you can check out the product list below:

  • Hi-Fi / Monitor Headphones - YOGADA HI-FI Headphones.
    Hi-Fi / Monitor Headphones

    Our Hi-Fi headphones have large and specially designed drivers that typically range from 40mm to 50mm. This results an excellent reproduction of audio to meet customers with higher acoustics demanding. The earcup design comfortably covers the ears and also helps drastically reducing disturbances from external noise.

  • Headsets - Communication Headsets JCD-368.

    The design of our headset focuses on the light weight headband and the comfort wearing brought to users for a long time use. And can be used as a general headphone when the adjustable microphone is not in use. The application of this product is mostly at customer service centers, audio-visual classrooms, communication use, etc. Yogada can provide different solutions to customers per different requests.