JDS-04 is a series of functional microphone bases that can be put on the table in a steady manner. Two function buttons for using: PTT (push to talk) and Lock.
Various input receptacles to match different applications. A series of bases to go with hand held microphones or gooseneck microphones (Dynamic type). Suitable for use at the service counters like department stores, airline check-in counters, radio station and PA system…etc.
Weighted base with rubber pegs to keep from slipping on tabletop.

Designed for broadcast/ studio communications, its boom mic can be pre-assembled either at L or R side; headphone volume control. Microphone can be MUTED by lifting up the boom.

Closed back earcup to block out external noise; enduring gooseneck boom for frequent adjusting. High power handling 50 mm driver installed.

A unique headphones product with premium quality in acoustics, the JPM-102 is a full size planar magnetic headphone designed to meet critical listening expectations. Its planar magnetic drivers are able to produce consistent driving force across the entire diaphragm, which resulting clean and extended acoustic responses, with low distortion across the entire frequency spectrum. Also, its wide frequency range can reach the Hi-Res category in linear performance.

Using a DAP(digital audio player) or head amp to optimize listening experiences is highly recommended.
The alum. earcup pattern is produced through 5-AXIS CNC machining, adding the exterior delicateness of the headphones.

Soft memory foam is used for earpads, to achieve long sessions of listening comfortably, and can be replaced easily.
Dual sided cable is ideal for balanced connection.